The first step of our process is one of our favourites. This is where we get to know you, find out about your current situation and hear about your goals and objectives. Here, we also get a feel for your personality and the style of strategy that will suit you. At this time, we will also discuss with you our Financial Services Guide and terms of engagement.



At this stage we start to research your strategic options. We’ll look at your current financial position, timeframes and what sort of products and options are available to help you achieve your goals.



Here we will prepare your formal “Statement of Advice” (SOA) that will document our suggested options and financial products. At this stage, we will analyse, compare and provide recommendations regarding appropriate strategies for achieving your goals.



Our Statement of Advice can be complex so we like to meet you face to face to guide you through the recommendations, clarify anything you may not understand and answer any questions that you might have.

It’s a great opportunity for us to explain our recommendations and advice in a format that you can understand – jargon free!

We will go away from this meeting and make any strategic adjustments that need to be made.



Once we have presented our plan and you are happy with the recommendations or we have made any modifications from our presentation meeting, we’ll then put your plan into motion!

At this stage you will give us authority to work on your behalf and implement the recommendations and complete applications with our financial service providers.



Part of our appeal with clients is the fact that we are planning for your success in the long-term. We will make ourselves available to work with you as needed and we’ll keep an eye on how you are tracking towards those goals. We will regularly assess and evaluate where you are at and work with you as life changes.

We will also keep you informed of any important legislative changes; new products or opportunities that we think will affect or assist you.