Our financial advisers will help you determine your goals and then compile the best strategy for achieving those goals.

Most clients have goals relating to Building Wealth, Protecting Wealth and Managing Wealth.



One of the most common goals for our new clients is the goal of building wealth.

There are so many options available in the current marketplace, being able to determine the right strategy for you is critical for your future success.

Ultimately, your wealth-building journey will vary depending upon your age, stage of life and end goals.

Our experienced team will take the guesswork out of your wealth building strategy, working with you to access your goals and shape a solution around three key areas – saving, investment and superannuation.

It’s commonly said “It’s not how much you earn its how much you spend”. We can show you ways to make your savings goal a reality by setting simple strategies in place to help with regular savings plans, cashflow management and unplanned expenses.

We can assist with salary sacrifice strategies to help build your wealth for the future and minimise tax.

As you build your wealth we help you with the vast range of investment choices, from shares, property, managed funds to more sophisticated investment strategies like gearing. We can help determine which investment scenario best suits your individual needs and lifestage based on your risk preference.

Superannuation isn’t a set and forget strategy. It is a constant changing landscape and the rules around super evolve and change over time. It is a crucial that we review and monitor this asset to help get you the best outcome at retirement.

Many people want to take greater control of their super through self managed superannuation funds. The important thing about self managed super is that you don’t have to do it yourself as we can help you structure, package and manage your SMSF so that you are comfortable with it’s direction and ensure that it complies with all the requirements set out by regulators.


You’ve worked hard to build your wealth so providing adequate protection for that wealth is essential.

Wealth protection safeguards your financial security by providing adequate protections for your loved ones and assets.

Typical wealth protection strategies involve a mix of insurance and investing well.

Whether you are single, a couple or have a family, personal insurance protects you against the unexpected in the following ways:

  • Life Insurance
  • Total & Permanent Disablement Insurance
  • Trauma Insurance
  • Income Protection

We can help:

  • Demonstrate the appropriate type and levels of cover to suit your needs and tailor a solution that you will be happy with
  • Determine the best ownership structure
  • Work with you to make your insurance cost affordable and fit into your cashflow, tax situation and other objectives
  • The right balance of investments

Protecting your wealth involves wise and level headed investment strategies that match your life stage and appetite for risk.

We can help:

  • Educate you on the investment choices available, considering your prior experience and knowledge.
  • Determine the best ownership structure for you.
  • Help you access these investments either directly or via managed funds
  • Research an individual fund style, management, and returns
  • Design and tailor investments to reflect your goals and the risk you are prepared to take
  • Provide diversification in your portfolio to minimise risk
  • Identify the impact on your taxation position


As Australians we are working harder and living longer so our retirement investments have to work equally as hard.

Managing wealth in your retirement is about regular and careful adjustment of your strategy in accordance with your needs, objectives, economic conditions and legislation.

Knowing how you spend your money is the first step in taking control of your finances. We can show you ways to help stay within your budget, reduce non-deductible debt and make the most out of your surplus funds.

The fun begins here! As you progress through life stages and get to the exciting pre-retirement phase, we show you ways to maximise the available funds that you now have as possible empty nesters. The kids have left, your expenses have reduced and you have more time to devote to yourselves. This is the opportune time to start planning what your retirement will look like.

You are free!!! Start enjoying the fruits of your labour. You have planned for this stage and now it’s time to fulfill your dreams and make them a reality. At this point we help and guide you through this stage by taking care of the financial side so you can concentrate on what’s important to you.